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What Is The Difference Between A Hot Water Storage Tank And An Instantaneous Hot Water System?

Plumbing jargon can be confusing for the average homeowner, and knowing what types of plumbing appliances are best for your house is difficult without knowing all the benefits and weaknesses. Here at Your Local Melbourne Plumber, we want to make plumbing as clear and easy as possible for our valued customers, which is why we always provide excellent advice and practical solutions to your plumbing problems.


We know how vital hot water systems are to the modern family’s home, and having a hot water system that is suitable for your house and the number of people living in it is incredibly important. We break down all the information so you can make an educated decision on what type of hot water system would be best for your house or business.


If you are thinking about installing a new hot water system, but don’t know enough about them, we are here to help!


What does a hot water system do?

A hot water system heats up water for your home or business. It uses either gas, electricity or solar energy to heat up water for your daily use in showers, cleaning, dishwashing and much more. If we didn’t have continuous access to hot water every day, our general tasks would become much more difficult to carry out.


What is a hot water storage unit?

Most hot water systems use a storage tank, heating a limited amount of hot water within the tank which it is then stored for when you need it. By using a tank to keep water at a constant temperature, storage hot water systems provide fast access to hot water. As this hot water is used up, cold water then enters the storage tank to replace it. The reheating process continues after the flow of hot water has ended. Storage systems take time to re-heat water and can result in periods of cold water, especially if you are using a significant amount of hot water in a short period. Storage systems are generally less expensive to purchase than an instantaneous hot water system, which is why some people choose to continue to use a storage hot water system. Tanks vary in size, and different tank sizes will be better for different uses and the number of people your hot water needs to service. A sensor recognises this change in temperature, then, depending on what fuel source and model you’ve got, the burner will switch on and bring the water back up to the set temperature. Since there’s almost no interference with storage water heaters, hot water will come out at the faucet at very close to mains pressure, meaning you can have multiple hot taps on and not lose water pressure or heat.


What is an instantaneous hot water system?

Many Melbourne homes are making the switch to an instantaneous hot water system as it is a much more energy efficient and cost effective choice compared to the traditional hot water storage units. Instantaneous hot water systems heat water only at the time it is being used, rather than storing water for later use like traditional hot water storage unit, this is a more efficient way of heating water as energy is not wasted heating any stored water. An instantaneous system is a more reliable hot water choice for your home that will provide you with hot water on demand. Instantaneous hot water systems are available in LPG, natural gas and electricity models, and all produce fewer emissions compared with storage hot water systems. Instantaneous hot water systems also are tankless and therefore, no rust or dirt can build up in your hot water supply, making it the cleaner option of the two. Your Local Melbourne Plumber is the local expert when it comes to supplying, installing and repairing your instantaneous hot water system to provide you with fast, reliable and efficient hot water all day, every day. Relax knowing that you will never have an unexpected cold shower again when you have an instantaneous hot water system installed by the friendly team from Your Local Melbourne Plumber.


Key Points



– Heats and stores water in a tank for when you need to use it

– When the water in the tank starts being used, it will fill up with cold water and begin heating again

– Can be gas, electric or solar powered

– Come in many different storage tank sizes

– More likely to run out of water if you have ‘busy’ periods of hot water use at your home or business

– Initial purchase and installation can be less than instantaneous, but energy consumption may be more leading to higher energy bills.



– Heat water on demand and only as you need it

– More energy efficient option of heating water

– Initial purchase and installation can be more than storage hot water units, but energy consumption is lower leading to lower energy bills.

– Available in Gas and Electricity models

– No rust or dirt build up in water


It is vital to choose the appropriate hot water system and if you are using a storage unit, choosing the right size for your needs, as the incorrect choice may result in energy being wasted heating water that won’t be used. Your Local Melbourne Plumber can give you informative advice on which type of hot water system will be best for your house or business and help you in choosing a model and have it professionally installed for you, too.

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